Our Vision for Quality Honey

Established in 2015, Red Earth Honey is a family owned and operated beekeeping business based in Perth, Western Australia. We manage 300 beehives throughout the south-west of Western Australia, harvesting honey from the pristine natural environment.

We take great pride in producing pure, natural honey collected away from intensive agriculture. Our honeys are free from excessive heating, blending or processing so they retain their natural nutritional benefits and delicious flavour. This means you and your family can enjoy them just as nature intended.

Dr Mathew Welch – Owner Red Earth Honey

I started Red Earth Honey, looking for a tree change after a career as a PhD molecular biologist. My last research project involved studying epigenetic regulation in honeybees at the University of Western Australia. This exposed me to the Western Australian beekeeping industry and initiated a curiosity in bees that I never imagined previously.

I currently sit on the board of the Bee Industry Council of Western Australia and I’m the Chairman of the Western Australian Beekeepers Association. WA honey is unrivaled in it’s purity and quality. The WA beekeeping industry continues to grow and has a bright future ahead.