Exceptional Rottnest Queens

We strive to breed superior queens that are hygienic, resilient and give rise to docile, productive stock. Because we are part of the Better Bees WA (Rottnest) breeding program, our breeder queens are selected from well established genetic lines that possess highly desirable characteristics.

We sell mainland-mated daughters from these exceptional queens, rasied using a precise 4-week cycle. When you choose queens from us, you can be confident that you’re acquiring a top-quality queen from a trusted and reputable breeder.

To Order, Please Make Your Selection Below

4F Nucleus Colony
  • - Wood nuc incl
  • - 4 brood frames
  • - Ready to install
  • * WA pickup only
Volume Order (minimum 25)
$50Per queen
  • - Avail all states
  • - Express post
  • - All permits inc
  • - Free marking

*  Nuc pickup available from O’Conner WA 6163

** Customers in NT or TAS require additional importation permits. To meet  costs, a minimum of 5 queens is required per order. 

Invest in your hives

Whether you are just starting your beekeeping journey, aiming to expand your hives, or an experienced beekeeper with high-performance expectations, we are here to assist you in achieving your beekeeping goals. We welcome orders from all over Australia, accommodating diverse needs ranging from small single queen or nucleus colony orders, to larger wholesale orders required to drive commercial success.